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Bring Me Back

by Tom Bodine

Tom's songs on Bring Me Back are like little movies--you can see and feel the stories in them. Released in 2012.
On his debut album "Bring Me Back," Tom writes and sings of the wonders of the natural world, the importance of friends and family as we travel through this life and in his case, the essential role of music on his journey. "My Old Friend" has guys goofing around in a dorm room playing records juxtaposed against struggles with life and friendship. "Walk The Blues Away" takes you out for a stroll to cure the worries of busy living. You'll take an inspiring trip to Virginia's mountains in "Shenandoah Sky," a song that could be the state's official anthem. "Flower in Your Smile" is another road trip, watching the roadside flora and longing to return to someone you love. Tom believes in the cathartic and healing power of music in people’s lives and the larger world. Tom's passion, energy, and unique musical voice shine through on this wonderful collection of original songs featuring acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle, viola, harmonica, flute, bass, electric guitar, and percussion.

What people are saying about Tom's music:

“Tom’s songs are panoramic like John Denver's classics. He tells simple stories about the little things in everyday life that mean so much. His voice is straight and clear, like a slightly more tenor Richard Shindell. The Bring Me Back CD features tasteful, old-time acoustic instrumentation and a classic folk sound that takes you back to great records from the 70s and 80s.”

“Tom’s songs reflect his personal experiences and therefore have a genuine emotional quality, yet they also have a universal sense that the listener can relate to. His deep melodic sense shines through melodies that not only are lovely, but manage to be complex and yet catchy enough that one ends up humming them for a long while after hearing. His lyrics are deep yet clever with mellifluous flowing lines and creative rhyming. Subject matter ranges from the beauty of nature to introspective musings on love. Tom has chosen backup musicians that are not only brilliant instrumentalists, but also sensitive arrangers and accompanists.