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Tom Bodine - Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals, Songwriter

It was a just moment in time, long ago, but one that’s stayed with me forever--hearing The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” on the radio at friend’s house as a young kid.  Something moved in me and it was love at first listen.  I started playing the drums in 5th grade and played in the junior high school band.  Athletic pursuits took over for a while, but my love of music as a listener never wavered.  Fast forward to my senior year of college when I picked up a cheap lefty guitar and started on the long, never ending path of trying learn how to play the damn thing.  By day I work as a computer specialist at the National Institutes of Health, but music is my passion.  

Living in DC in the early 90s, a singer friend persuaded me (after a few too many beers) to accompany her at an open mic and the acoustic duo Tom & Monica was born.  The duo continued performing in the DC area for several years during which time I wrote my first few songs.  At some point along the way I started singing a bit.  Following the dissolution of Tom & Monica, I performed with other friends and eventually solo at the Folk Club of Reston/Herndon (VA).  I released a CD (“Bring Me Back”) of original songs in 2012. 

Kathleen Huber and I started playing music together in 2014 and the seeds for Song Garden were planted.  We performed our first open mic later that year.  The duo (sometimes accompanied by friends) has cultivated a fine acoustic sound and plays at venues in the DC-metro area.  Song Garden is releasing its first CD (“Bluebird Dragonfly”) in May 2018.

Kathleen Huber - Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Songwriter

Love of song goes back to my early childhood but only recently songwriting overtook poetry, fiction, and essays as my primary means of creative expression. It is both a treasured and healing experience to 'feel' a song come to life--in the solitude of practice or magically in a performance. There is life in music and it is thoroughly joyful to share it with others--as co-creators, performers, or playful jamming. Music is a means for holding center, most especially in a world that invites and entices in many directions. So despite my late arrival to the "music party", I'm delighted to join the fun.

Bella (the Dog) - Band Mascot and Accountant/Publicist (unpaid intern)

 My favorite things in life are eating, running, and treeing squirrels.